Horse Chestnuts – Simply Beautiful

Horse Chestnuts - Simply Beautiful

Summer is almost here and it’s time to rummage through the boxes and cupboards. I found some horse chestnuts from last fall I hadn’t had the chance to make anything of. So these beauties are now up for sale as craft supplies. As this is a destash listing, the price is good too! Some extra acorns and acorn caps (both, black and white oak) are waiting to be listed as well, so stay tuned!

Chestnuts available here:

Meanwhile I go on trying to get my latest Planter’s Life card to look good on paper. I keep waiting to get better at this drawing/scanning/colouring business, but it seems to just get more complicated each time, as it always seems that the result could be just a little bit better in some unidentifiable way! 🙂

I have my windows open and it smells wonderfully of dust, rain and grass.
I wish you all a wonderful start of the Summer!