Not Right In the Mind

The business at our little Etsy shop has been slow, as usual, but very pleasant (as usual). Just recently I ended up sending a customer links to other Etsy shops selling similar products just after they had made a purchase and an additional custom purchase from us, while being very happy about it all. Doesn’t sound like a very sane thing to do, but the thing was – it turned out that they are on a rather tight schedule, and although it is theoretically possible for a parcel to travel to it’s destination in the US within two weeks, it is not something I would count on myself, if time was of essence. And that’s what I told the buyer.

Now I have an experience of cancelling orders. Actually, this experience is still pending, as the order cancellation is still pending. The Etsy website says, that it takes 48 hours for cancellations to process.

Speaking of 2 weeks delivery time – another customer left a very kind and warm message about receiving their parcel just 13 days after being posted. It’s such a pleasant thing, when the global postal service does a quick and efficient job! Nevertheless – it’s never something that can be counted on with absolute certainty.

If we were an actual business sending out hundreds or thousands of parcels each day, we could have DHL deliver our products with much better certainty of speed and the price of regular postal service. Alas, fur a mere mortal (read: private person), with two shipments a month, the price for express delivery is rather astronomical (more at least 8 times the regular postal service).

Another recent discovery is the imminent proximity of Christmas (the holiday season). I know, again, for a regular normal human being this sounds very awkward, but from a commercial perspective it’s pretty much the time all preparations on holiday products should be well over with. I, on the other hand, while painfully aware of that, am only starting to think of any potential holiday decorations and cards. Too late, I know, but I’m not letting it frustrate me much – there’s always the next Christmas, you know? 🙂

And in the mean while I’m having some lovely ideas regarding birds. Birds as wonderful, lovely, loyal and caring feathery friends. Also, speaking of FURRY friends now, if you haven’t seen it yet, but like dogs (and children) (and cross-species relationships)* you may want to google “dog jumping on mattress video”.


*please, just in case, don’t google any of that other stuff.

Latest Creations

The September rain is mercilessly pelting down my window as I’m doing a quick shop inventory. I’m surprised to find that even the thinner-shelled European Acorn earrings and necklace (which have been up at our shop for over a year now) are still in perfect condition. Many photos at the shop could use re-doing, as some of them are hasty shots with poor lighting, I will have to add that to the list of things that need to be done, and then, if I happen to have a spare moment when the sun comes, it may just be the right moment for this. I still need to re-make and list these beauties (more of these below).

DSCN9656 DSCN9660

Yesterday we had some sun briefly, between clouds and rain and thunder. I took this chance to photograph some acorn caps.

I’m testing whether there’s any demand for size-sorted caps. It kind of makes sense to me, that people who are crafting with natural acorn caps could sometimes use a set of the same size. As I don’t have the space to pick and dry large quantities of caps, I’m trying to focus on small batches and carefully selected sets. Today’s new listings are caps sorted by size, a selection of quadruplets (for caps attached to one twig) and a set of triplets. Also some simpler listings of twigged singles and twins. I used to have mainly 50 pcs listings, this time I’m trying out 100 pcs and more too.

In the mean while some new acorn jewellery has also been made – I added an extra ring to the earring design and used a different type of box. These sets went to a local handicraft shop, though.

DSCN9722 DSCN9723
I am now kind of torn between the two types of box design. The corrugated one with a bow on top looks kind of neater and is simpler. The old design involves drawing an oak leaf by hand each time. Which is kind of nice too, but a bit more time-consuming, and sometimes the leaf doesn’t come out as nicely as I’d like. I was already about to prepare for dropping this design entirely, but then I messed up a little the last time I drew an oak leaf on a box, which resulted in a spider and some other playful elements, and it looked like there would be some fun design potentials there.


Sorry, these last photos are quick snapshots in poor lighting with my phone, just so I’d remember what this particular box looked like.

I hope your Autumn (or Spring) is starting up nicely!