Passage of time

It’s baffling how subjective it is. Sometimes I can’t help but feel as if there really was no such thing as time. Surely it has not been more than half a year since the last time anything was posted here? In my perception it hasn’t even been a break, as such, I’ve merely been either otherwise occupied or not in the mood or tired or late for bed, and so I’ve been postponing the next post a day or two. Okay, maybe a week or two, but definitely not for months. On the other hand – in terms of internet-time, 6 months is pretty much an eternity, no? And if that is so, Google search is our time-machine – I keep finding all the time threads that no-one has posted in for years when shouting out my questions into the search box. It’s all there, and yet it’s not, as no matter how many replies I were to post – no-one would hear or return to a discussion long lost and abandoned.

In any case, it is spring now, and we can happily skip the all the darkness and cold. Although, this would also mean skipping all the magical snow-scapes, and that wonderful feeling when you have trudge through darkness and bone-freezing cold (so grateful that you were born a warm-blooded creature, and as long as you keep moving, you’ll be okay even if the moisture on your nose-hair freezes with every incoming breath and melts with ever outgoing one), illuminated by the beauty and utter loneliness of a starlit sky, and then you finally get THERE, you step into a place that is warm and lit and has people who smile at you for they were waiting for you. In the winter, illuminated windows are like magic beacons.

Today, however, there are puddles all over the half-thawed land, there are snowdrops, snowflakes (the photosynthesising kind), crocuses and the skin-cancer dangerous blessing of the sun.