The busy inactivity

You might have visited this blog and failed to find any new posts, or maybe wondered why no new update is popping up on your Facebook or reader feeds. Oh, ok, who am I kidding here – you probably did none of those things, but let me entertain myself with a mental image of thousands of disappointed readers impatiently refreshing their browsers again and again and again …

The thing is – we haven’t been lazy. We have been busy instead.


Some of these items can by found at A.G.A.N.. I’m very exited to have made our first acorn jewelry sales in local neighbourhood as well! There are also some new acorn earring/pendant listings up at Etsy:
1) Black Oak Bronze Hooks;
2) Black Oak Brass Nickel Free Hooks;
3) White Oak Brass Nickel Free Hooks;
4) Black Oak Bronze Chain Pendant.

My sister has been very busy and productive as well. A while back there was a post featuring one of her drawings, and I delighted to announce that it’s finally available as the most adorable post card ever. (You also can’t help but wonder, will it get hit by a falling apple or not!? Which is precisely why I love this drawing so much). She has also replaced one of her gorgeous dried flower arrangements, which got to travel all the way across the ocean to America, with an equally gorgeous fluffy heather bouquet:


Among other things – the acorn/chestnut season is just around the corner. First (light) brown chestnuts are already popping on the ground and I’ve seen first acorns on the side-walks as well. Meanwhile, I’m happy to send out what’s left of our last year’s crop. The prime pine cone season is more or less over, though. There is a lot of rain and moisture now – the best time to pick cones was probably in the spring and during the month-long drought we had this summer …

I’m going to the post office now, to send some acorn caps across the ocean.
If you got this far there’s only one thing I’ve left to tell you – thank you for reading and have a great day!


Tove Jansson and the line

I translate books for living. It’s a great job: you get to read lots of books and often meet the authors. As it happens, I’m working on Tove Janssons lates biography by Tuula Karjalainen which will be released in English by the end of November as well. (

Tove, the creator of moomins, has been one of my top favorite authors and illustrators as long as I can remember. And now, while trying to draw something myself, I read what the crime writer Margery Allingham has said about Tove Janssons moomin illustrations:  „I’m still trying to work out quite how she came to it.  She effs the ineffable by explaining the eternal appeal of these strange creatures. Surely this series is that very rare thing, an instantly recognisable work of art?  To be certain of this, I submit, one only has to consider a single drawing.  Art experts are forever lecturing us about purity and economy of line and sometimes the layman is privately put about to discover precisely what the jargon means.  But here there is perfect line and perfect economy and nothing else whatever to get in the way.” (

I got so inspired by Tove and her Moominmamma sleeping under the apple tree …

… that I draw my own version of that illustration, with a cat instead of Moominmamma.