Winds, falling leaves and sore throats – it’s Autumn alright.


Did you ever fake illness as a kid? Maybe held your thermometer against something hot to fake a fever or complained of aches you didn’t have? All that just to get some extra bit of attention and pampering, and to get away from obligations like school or chores. Being ill, although not without it’s unpleasant side, always used to have that fun holiday feel to it too. Just stay at home/ in bed, read books, watch TV, get treats and snacks and attention. I know I’ve done it, and I’ve found it kind of cool to be able to lay in bed all day and not HAVE TO do anything (except take medication and stay indoors). As a grown-up things have somewhat changed – you are the one who has to do the pampering and faking it usually doesn’t work.

I got down with a sore throat just recently and that made me realize how much my attitudes towards an occasional cold have changed. For one – there is just SO much to do, it felt such a total waste to sit indoors, drink tea, feel miserable and do nothing. I had already kept on going as normal with a sore throat for seve ral days, however, including much time spent in the windy outdoors on Saturday (it was all very fun, and I can’t be honest and say that I really regret my recklessness), before I ended up feeling really ill on Sunday with a throat even more sore. So I took some days off of everything. The hardest part was switching my mind towards focusing on simply enjoying myself in a leisurely way. I felt so bad whole Monday, not just because I was ill, but because I kept feeling that I should DO something useful, and that a whole day is going to waste. I was a bit better about it the next day, or it just might have been the fact that I actually did run some chores that day and didn’t feel entirely as useless. By the third day, though, I was beginning to really get into it. I watched movies for the best part of the day and enjoyed it greatly. A feeling of loss and regret came over me when I thought that I’m already feeling a little better and I should start doing things again tomorrow. I would have held my thermometer against a radiator, then, but unfortunately I hadn’t had a fever to begin with, I doubt I could have managed to deceive my conciousness that way, and the central heating won’t be turned on until tomorrow.

I shouldn’t even feel the need to fake a fever. My throat is still pretty sore and I’m feeling only a little better. If I were my own kid right now, there’d definitely be no kindergarten or playing outdoors for me yet, and warm socks would be firmly kept on my little toes at all times. I’m very good with the latter myself, I’m even diligently wrapped in a scarf, but things get more complicated with the giving myself rest part. I even thought of going acorn picking today, because the weather is great and acorns won’t wait (that rhymed, in case you didn’t notice). But I really shouldn’t, should I?